Downtown Mosque

Muradin-bey from Ulcinj made in 1749 an islamic religious building in the part of Ulcinj called Vrhpazar. It was destroyed in the earthquake in 1979, and 16 years later it was renewed by the donations of the local people. 

To the complex of this mosque also belong the main office of the Islamic religious community of Ulcinj, a library and a kindergarten. 

Green Culture Fest

Third Green Culture Festival ( GCF ) will be held in Ulcinj from 10th to  12th of September.

Several hundred participants are expected to participate at this "  green economy " Fair. 



Long Beach

There are hardly any tourists who have spent their holidays in Ulcinj without visiting the Ulcinj Long Beach. Thus, should you decide to spend your holiday on Velika Plazha,

you will certainly be charmed by the miles-long sandy beach which joins the crystal clean sea with a masterful painter’s line. 



According to the legend in the end of the XVI century the well-known Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was a slave in Ulcinj.

Some investigators recognized a woman from Ulcinj in his Dulcinea of Tobosa, the leading role in his novel.