The hunting ground „Ulcinj“ is run by the public company „Ulcinj“. The borders of this area are within the whole municipality. The hunting season in this area begins in August and ends by the end of February.

The hunting tradition has been developed in this area for more than a century.  During the last years it has even been made more intensive. The hunting ground of Ulcinj is recognized for its diversity.  Here you can find various sorts of attractive furry and feathered game. Those are: Wolf (Canis lupus L.), Jackal  (Canis lupus), Stone Marten, Pine Marten, Rabbit, Cave Pigeon, Pheasant, Rock Partridge, Quail, Woodcock, Snipe, Wild Boar (Sus scrofa L.), Wild Geese and various sorts of Ducks.

If you are interested in hunting tourism  in the hunting ground of Ulcinj, we will be glad to invite you to experience unforgettable hunting moments and to enjoy our hospitality.

Contact phones:
Tel.   +382 30 401 540
Mob. +382 67 264 421