The Kite Surf Club Dolcinium is located on the tenth kilometer from the complex Velika Plazha. This club received the recognition as “the most attractive tourist offer” in 2011 in Montenegro by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourist Organization WILD BEATUY AWARD. The club Dolcinium is the first Montenegrin kite club which has existed since 2008. It gives service in kite surfing training which lasts from 12 to 15 hours.


This training is only possible on days when the wind called “Maestral” is blowing and then it is possible to train from 2 to 3 hours per day. If you do not like kite surfing, then you can enjoy one of the baldachins where you can relax tasting different summer cocktails and listening to the sounds of Longe, Deep, House, Funky and Latino music coming from the bar where there is a party organized every day.  New York Times (13th January 2010) described Velika Plazha – Long Beach as one of the 30 destinations in the world which should be visited by kite surfers. The wind Maestral – Mistral blowing from the sea towards the land during 90 days in a year makes this sandy beach to be one of the safest and most attractive destinations in Europe.