If you like active holidays, in Ulcinj you can try kite surfing which is an unusual but a very dynamic extreme sport. Kite surfing is a combination of windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding and surfing. It is a relatively new sport (1997 taken as the official year of the commercial kite surfing), but in a short time gained many supporters around the world.

In Montenegro, the first Kite Surfers came in 2000, and since then, the  Long Beach has become one of the leading destinations in Europe when it comes to Kite Surfing. The wind that blows almost every day in the Long Beach and a large number of sunny days during the year, are an ideal combination for this sport. Kiters use the power of the wind to kite; Kite serves for sailing and a surf board serves for sliding through the water. Kite surface varies from 5 to 20 m2 and the kiter is attached to harness (Triangle) which is usually carried around belly. Physical preparation for this sport is necessary, but not so important. It needs rather time and practice to learn it. It is not easy, but not even too hard. It is not necessary to be strong, but it is important to be careful and learn how to keep balance. For some 10-15 hours, the kite beginner can learn basic stuff and enter on the water. This sport is relatively safe, and each school has instructors and lifeguards, speed boats for transportation etc.

On the beach there are several training schools where kite surfers can also rent the equipment. Prices range from 100 to 350 Euros depending on the number of hours and the period of the season when you attend the course. At the beginning of the season, in May, prices are slightly lower, whereas the most expensive is the period from mid-July to late August. In cooperation with the Sailing Federation of Montenegro, National Tourism Organization and local schools, we organize various competitions to promote and popularize this sport. Once learned, this sport cannot be forgotten. It is pure fun.