In Ulcinj, the southernmost coastal town in Montenegro, situated in a cove between the hotel „Albatros“ and the site of the former „Galeb“ hotel lies a so-called „Ladies’ Beach“. Its water is often recommended by doctors for treating sterility due to its sulfur-rich mineral springs located in the shallower areas of the water.

The thermal water was first tested 81 years ago, and its useful effects were soon announced to the public. The sulfur beach is located in the cove, in the midst of a pine forest which represents an ideal environment for treating specific diseases with natural factors. Althogh sulfur water originates in the shallower areas, wave movement combines fresh sea water with the sulfur-rich water, creating ideal micro- and macromolecules convenient for aerosol therapy, as explained by Dr. Karamanaga, who also claims that native gynecologists consider a combined therapy of bathing in sulfur water along with determined medical treatments relatively effective.

It is widely practiced that barren women come to sunbathe on the women’s beach very early in the morning, and also often swim nude in the water. From May to October, the beach is mostly visited by women. The greatest enjoyment is coming early in the morning and feeling the mixed scent of dense pine trees and of water rich with minerals. You can almost feel your lungs expanding.A cave which is also a part of the beach gives a mysterious note to the entire area.

Many shells can be found on the rocks. In the shallower parts of the water, you can see the dark green color of the depth. You can also feel just how dense the water is. On the Ladies’ Beach you can experience a first-class image of nature. During the golden age of our tourism until the last decade of the XX century, the sulfur water on the Ladies’ Beach among the long-living pine trees near the „Albatros“ hotel was included in many travel brochures.

Tourists were almost magnetically attracted to it, especially those who believed in its wondrous effects. Women visit the beach quite often nowadays, and from early morning until sunset, it is always filled with women who sunbathe in peace and quiet, while some of them move towards the rock, doing the ritual  hoping for a miraculous pregnancy and motherhood. Women who never lose hope, look for it right there, because hope always exists.