As much as it can attract visitors due to its appearance, centuries-long tradition, cultural-recognizable identity, Ulcinj can also offer a very rich entertainment programme, as well as a relaxation which makes Ulcinj to be a coastal town of special value.  During summer Ulcinj teeming with various entertaining performances, which are spontaneously organized from day to day in the Ulcinj Old Town, cultural centre, open terraces, beaches, and beach bars. The nice and always smiling people from Ulcinj will share their bright spirit and hospitality with every tourist.

The summer scene

In the Ulcinj Old Town, at the Slaves’ Square in a beautiful atmosphere in front of the monumental Tower of Balshic during the first three weeks in August there is a manifestation held called “Ljetnja scena – Summer Scene“. Tourists and visitors can attend interesting plays, musical and literature programmes  prepared by foreign and domestic authors.

Book fair

For more than 12 years a traditional book fair has been held  from the end of July till the  beginning of August.   At this manifestation renowned publishers from our country and from abroad present their latest publications.

International children’s  festival

Every December in the Ulcinj Cultural Centre this manifestation  is held and it is organized as a competition. At this manifestation children sing songs which are performed at this festival  for the first time. Therefore it gathers famous creators for children from Montenegro and the region, composers, arrangers, text writers, who can contribute with their proved quality to define this “International children’s festival“  as one of the most respected children’s festivals in the region.

Motorcyclists’ gathering

In the beginning of  June there is a manifestation held which gathers fans of bikes from many countries in the region,  organized by the moto – club „Pirates“.  At this traditional gathering of bikers moto-games are also performed and the most interesting part of the manifestation is the parade of hundreds of bikes along the main streets of Ulcinj.

Pranvera ne Ane te Malit 

This manifestation is held in May on the remains of the ruins of the town Shas. It has got  a multinational character and it gathers cultural and literature creators and groups from this area and the region.