The „Mojito“ Beach is situated on Velika Plaža  – Long Beach in Ulcinj, and it is known for its versatile and lush vegetation, where the pine woods are prevailing which descend to the sandy beach. The Beach „Mojito“ is an ideal family beach due to its diverse offer of activities and sports, its extraordinary service and the clean and spacious surrounding close to the sea. It is an undescriptive natural symbiosis of the magnificent sandy beach with the sand having healing effects and the sea with the colour of a sapphire. Untouched nature, quiet surrounding and an intimate atmosphere are our most powerful characteristics.


Do you like travelling or having fun? Some people say that adventure is your middle name? You know how to „drink it up“ if necessary and it is not strange for you to close clubs, cafes…You like night life? If any of your answers is positive, then you should take your chance and join the beach team „Mojito“ which knows how to move borders of the best fun and you should have your senses tested during the unforgettable night life together with the lucid DJ-s, at theme parties organized by our team on the most beautiful beach of the Ulcinj riviera. During your stay on our beach your experience will be unforgettable, but you will also acquire new memories for life!