An attempt to describe the natural beauties of Ulcinj will remain just an attempt. Nature has been very generous towards this part of the Adriatic coast, by creating a colourful mosaic of magnificent contrasts in a unique way. As if nature had long ago examined the variety of wishes and demands of modern people to keep in touch with its unspoiled existence, so it awarded this area with: the dark-blue clean sea, the green-eyed river Bojana and the island Ada on its delta, the rich lake Shas, the long-living olive grove, the beautiful Valdanos bay, the healing springs, the pine wood with its enchanting smell and the well known sandy beaches.

Charmed by the beauty of this town a lot of artists got inspired for their works of art, and so they transferred this exotic nature onto the sreen like the famous directors Živko Nikolić, Dušan Vukotić in the films „Long Ships“, „The Seventh Continent“, „The Beauty of the Sin“ and others.

The charming sandy beaches are a token and symbol of Ulcinj’s excellence. The biggest among them, about 13 km long and about 50 m wide, is the Long Beach streching from north-west towards south-east  and having the shape of an arch from Porta Milena to the Bojana delta. It is only 4 km away from the city centre. With the construction zest especially after the earthquake in 1979 the narrow part of the town was connected to this beach as well as to Shtoj, by building modern houses representing a huge accommodation potential for all kinds of tourists. The whole beach consists of fine sand – white and greyish  granule from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. The same granule make the bottom of the shallow swimming area, so that swimming here can be of great pleasure, especially convenient for older people, and for little children a real enjoyment.