After you have relaxed  and experienced some of the crazy things, you can continue enjoying yourselves in some of the numerous Ulcinj cafes, restaurants or taverns. There is hardly any restaurant or hotel in Ulcinj and its surrounding that does not offer to tourists extra activities from night to night, like mini-concerts, performances of famous singers, various dance and show programmes, karaoke show, various competitions or show games like bingo with awards for the visitors. Although you can feel the spirit of the Orient everywhere, you can also enjoy the rhythm of the newest music, so that in many cafes in Ulcinj there are hip-hop, rave, dance, or similar parties. There is also a great number of discos or open space gardens which are visited by young people, and where teenages can experience the best nightlife.

Besides the few Ulcinj cafes in town, there are some nicely decorated discos, too, just nearby, which are open from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m.

Should you be loooking for a different kind of entertainment, then you should head for the Ulcinj hotels, restaurants or taverns. You can spend an enjoyable evening eating good food, or sweet desserts, drinking good Montenegrin wine, and, naturally, watching the sky full of stars. Those ones who like culture can walk to some of the squares where they might encounter a yet unknown painter who will be trying to transfer the impression he experiences while watching the Old Town, onto the canvas, with  help of his skillful movements.

If you are looking for some bestseller, you can also visit the book stalls which will be located in the vicinity of the Old Town. Those ones who respect culture and art too can watch a lot of performances  or theatre events which are going to  be played as part of the manifestation „Summer Scene“ in the Old  Town.

You can also experience a pleasant evening if you decide to have a walk from the town pier to the end of the city beach underneath the Old Town.  Thus, whereever you go, whatever time of the year, the night will take you by its music and atmospehere, which peep out every time you try opening the door of some pub. And do not stay at just one place, try it all: open-space parties, beach parties, accompanied by the sounds of the electric or acoustic guitar, or the concerts of folk stars in clubs and discos.