Beginning from  Mala plaza (Small Beach) and streching eastwards there is the Pine Wood, a beautiful walking area inside the urban breasts of the town.It does not only decorate this area, but the Pine Wood has also got an extraordinary curing and recreational function.

In this breathtaking area there is also the „Ladies’ Beach“ with its sulphur springs, which are a real elixir for barren women.All the doctors from all over ex – Yugoslavia used to recommend to children who had problems with asthma to walk through this wood in the morning and to rinse their throats with this sea water.

Therefore in summer this is a real promenade early at dawn. There are also a few cosy restaurants where you can have a drink but also eat something. The stay in such an area is an effective way to get rid of your stress which has come up, as well as to develop the sense of preserving and maintaining  this area.

As a confirming sign for this you can take the squirrels which you can see playing in the trees.The smell of the sea and the pinetrees will make you feel extraordinary.