During the rule of the Venetians the Church of St. Maria was built in the Old Town in 1510, which was turned into a mosque of the sultan Selim II as soon as the Turks conquered Ulcinj in 1571. It used to be the so-called carska džamija – imperial mosque, as it did not have any vakufs from which it could have been financed at the beginning, so that its employees were paid from the state budget.Hadzi Halil Skura added a minaret in 1693 made of nicely cut stone, in the lower part, on a rectangular base, which was made narrower on top. The religious purpose of this mosque ended in 1878, actually when the Montenegrins entered Ulcinj for the first time. This religious building also had a maktab (school). All the Ulcinj reises (captains) would gather there when an important decision had to be made.

This building is the most beautiful monument incorporating a combination of the West and the East in the architecture of Ulcinj. It hosts the town museum.