Valdanos is a place of positive clean energy, an unbeatable source of activities; a divine area where we can breath in clean fresh air, listen to the wind, admire natural beauties, go for a walk, swim, dive, ride a bicycle or sail around the Old Town and the nearby bays in a little boat, catch fish, learn how beautiful it is to be nature’s friend.

This is a peaceful bay, a bay of beauty and love with a beach which is 376 m long, and which was declared to be A Nature’s Monument.The olive grove in Valdanos is the biggest living monument of olive cultivation in Montenegro with extraordinary economic and ecological  value. There are about 18 thousand olive trees, which are on average 800 years old, and according to the Law on olive cultivation in Montenegro, it has been put under special protection of the state. Many trees are older than two thousand years.The Valdanos bay is easily accessed.

It can be reached by the main road from Ulcinj. It is also expected that the reconstruction of the cobble, which passes through the heart of the Ulcinj olive grove, is soon going to begin. In this way it would be much easier to walk through this beautiful area. An extraordinary experience is a visit to the peninsula Mendra as well as to the 11 natural sources inside the olive grove.A very nice experience is also the visit to the Lighthouse, and unforgettable is looking at the sea and the whole area from the Mavrijan Hill. From its top, if the weather conditions allow it, one can enjoy a view all the way from the Otrant Gate to Palagruzha!In Valdanos you can find endemic meadows of the sea flower „Posidonia oceanica“.

This plant known also as sea grass,  Voga or Lazhina, is an endemic Mediterrannean species, which means that it only lives in the Mediterrannean Sea and nowhere else! The meadows of Posidonia are the biggest biological varieties of the Meditarrannean Sea.