The place with the biggest number of sunny days on the Adriatic, surrounded by the sea, the river Bojana and Lake Shas followed by a long tradition create the effects that make the local wine produced in Ulcinj to be original and of high quality.

You can check this on your own by visiting some of the Ulcinj wine cellars and taste this wine and evaluate its quality, as well as go around the huge vine plantations. The vineyards Milović have existed since 1968 and they are located in the Ulcinj countryside, the place Briska Gora. The vineyards contain 16000 grapevines of the sort Vranac.  Briska Gora is one of the best regions for growing the sort called Vranac. The wine cellar Milović started with the wine production 2007 and they have also developed the newest wine production technology using their own vineyards.
They produce 5 etiquettes of high quality wine with geographical background like: STATUS, STATUS BARRIQUE, STATUS RESERVE, STATUS BARRIQUE – CHOSEN VINTAGE and CODEX.  The wines have been awarded by many medals at international evaluations.

Besides the plantations and wine cellars we also own 5 apartments, a tennis court, a pool and a wine cellar, so that you can enjoy at one place the view to the plantations from both the pool and the apartment and at the same time you can have a recreation by playing tennis. You can especially enjoy at the wine cellar tasting our wines and our national cuisine. You can verify yourselves of this by checking it on YouTube by clicking vino milovic.

Come and enjoy
Wine cellar Milović
Briska Gora 85360 Ulcinj